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M8ji7en Homework For 7th Period

 6th Grade Fast Math Pre-Algebra

IXL Practice Website:  P.S. duPont's IXL website

username:  first initial and last name (no spaces)

Password:  Student Id (lunch number) 

6th Grade FM syllabus 2017-2018

Daily Assignments:


Thursday 3-8-18

Inequalities quiz is next class period

A #45 Solving inequalities #2 and #3

A 45 Blank 

A #45 KEY


Tuesday 3-6-18

A#44 solving inequalities #1

Solving Inequalities Notes Day1 

Solving Inequalities #1 blank 

Solving Inequalities #1 Key 


Friday 3-2-18

Equations test taken today

No homework.


Wednesday 2-28-18

The test on equations and word problems will be on Friday.

A 43 Review of word problems and equations blank 

A 43 Review of equations and word problems KEY

A 43 Writing Equations #3 blank 

Writing Equations #3 KEY 


Monday 2-25-18

A #42 Writing Equations #2

Solving Word Problems with two-step equations Notes 

A #42 Writing Equations #2 KEY

A #42 Writing Equations #2 Blank 

Classwork key and blank 


Thursday 2-22-18

Solving two-step equations NOTES 

Solving Equations class work #3  KEY 

A #41 Solving Equations #4 Blank 

A #41 Solving Equations #4 KEY

Solving Two-step equations video 

Tuesday 2-20-18

A # 40 pg. 100 #1-35 odd solve and check

A #40 KEY with classwork key 

Video on one-step equations  


Thursday 2-15-18

IXL 7.R.12 and 7.R.13 at least an 85 (They can also make up their own practice papers instead)

Test next class period

Extra Practice Key from class (extra practice if needed)


Tuesday 2-13-18

A #39 Simplifying Expressions #1 and #3

Simplifying Expressions notes 

A #39 Simplifying Expressions #1 and #3 BLANK 

A #39 Simplifying Expressions #1 and #3 KEY 

Video examples of distributive property and combining Like Terms


Friday 2-9-18

A #38 Operations with rational numbers and IXL 8.E.9 (IXL is optional)

Notes from today 

 Operations with Rational numbers Blank 

A #38 Operations with rational numbers and classwork KEY


Wednesday 2-7-18

No assignment


Monday 2-5-18

We took a quiz today on +/-

A#37 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers Worksheet

A #37 worksheet KEY 

A #37 Blank

Classwork KEYS 

Multiplying and Dividing Rational numbers notes 


Thursday 2-1-18

Quiz on Monday (addition and subtraction)

A #36 Subtracting Rational Numbers worksheet and IXL 7.H.6 OR 6.P.4

A #36 Blank and Answer kEY 

Subtracting Integer Video 1

Subtracting Video 2 


Tuesday 1-30-18

A #35 Adding Rational numbers worksheet and IXL 7.H.4 and 7.H.5

A #35 blank and key 


Thursday 1-25-18

A #34 pg. 74 #1-29 odd, pg. 82 #13-37 odd, and IXL 6.N.2

A #34 KEY 

video notes on adding integers 


Tuesday 1-23-18

We took the probability test today!

IXL assignment 6.M.1, through 6.M.6

Integer basics


Friday 1-19-18

A #32, 33 Probability Review 

IXL 7.DD.6 and 7.DD.7 (at least 85)

A#32 and 33 blank 

A #32 and 33 KEY 

Probability Test next period


Wednesday 1-17-18

A #31 Probability 3A and 3B IXL if needed 7.DD.4 (optional) 

A #31 classwork and 3B blank copy 

A #31 classwork and 3B key 

Expected Value Notes 

The last assessment of the marking period will be on Probability. The test will be on 1-23


Friday 1-12-17

A# 30 Probability 2A and 2B

A #30 BLANK 

A #30 2a and 2b KEY

 Probability notes 2


Wednesday 1-10-18

Welcome Back to Math Class!!!

Percent Test corrections are due by Monday!

A#29 1A and 1B probability Packets

Notes on Simple Probability and making charts 

A #29 1A and 1B blank copies 

A #29 1A and 1B keys 


Thursday 12-21-17

Enjoy your break!!  There is no formal homework, so use this time to work on any skills you may need to practice.


Friday 12-15-17

We started the Percent test today, so there is no homework except to study.

We will take STAR and finish the test on Tuesday


Wednesday 12-13-17

A #28 Percent Review

A #28 Percent Review Key

A #28 Percent Review Blank 

 Discount, Tip, Mark-up, Tax notes

The percent Test and STAR will occur over the next two class periods. 

Monday 12-11-17

A#26 Percent Word Problems worksheet

A #26 problems and key 


Thursday 12-7-17

Took notes on the percent proportions

A #25 pg. 354 #1-19 odd

A #25 pg 354 key 

The percent Proportions Notes  

*Proportions Test corrections due by 12/15.  No late corrections will be accepted. 


Tuesday 12-5-17

A#24 Percent Problems #2 (conversions)

Conversion notes 

A #24 Percent problems Blank 

A #24 percent problems 2 KEY  


Friday 12-1-17

Ratios Test today

A#23b #1,2,3,5

no key 

Wednesday 11-29-17

Ratios and Proportions Test on Friday

A#23 Proportion review packet

A #23 Proportion review blank 

A #23 proportional review KEY 


Monday 11-27-17

Similar Figures Notes 

A #22 Similar Figures Packet #1

A #22 similar figures blank 

A #22 similar figures KEY  


Thursday 11-16-17

Ratio quiz taken today

No homework over this break.

Happy Thanksgiving


Tuesday 11-14-17

3.2 Solving Proportions notes 

A #21 Using Proportions #2 KEY (worksheet)


Wednesday 11-9-17

A #20 Solving Proportions #2

3.1 Solving Proportions notes  

A #20 KEY and blank Solving Proportions #2

quiz on word problems Thursday 11/16, and Geom II corrections due by Friday 11/17


Tuesday 11-7-17 

Geometry II test corrections due before Thanksgiving break

3.0 Ratios and Rates Notes 

A #19 page 220 #1-25 odd A #19 pg. 220 KEY


Thursday 11-2-17

Geometry II test today.  No homework

This will count on the 2nd marking period, so it can be corrected.


Tuesday 10-31-17

*We spent time in class working on the assignment.

A#18 Read pg. 600-601 do page EP25 #1-13 all

A #18 pg. EP25 KEY #3 is a hexagonal pyramid!!!

Geometry II TEST next class! (go back over any warm-ups and old homework problems for practice) 


Friday 10-27-17 

Finding Volume Notes 

A #17 Geometry VIII Blank

A #17 Geometry VIII KEY 


Wednesday 10-25-17

A #16 Geometry VII BLANK 

A #16 Geometry VII KEY 

Finding surface area of pyramids and cylinders 


Monday 10-23-17

Geometry I test corrections due next week.

A #15 Geometry 25-2 worksheet blank 

A #15 Geometry 25-2 KEY 

You do not need to draw the nets to find surface area.  You should be able to build one formula to show the work.


Thursday 10-19-17

Notes on Surface Area Surface Area notes from today

Geometry packet 25-1 (no answer key) 25-1 blank packet


Tuesday 10-17-17

A #13 Geometry 5 BLANK 

A #13 Geometry 5 KEY 

Finished the Geometry test today


Wednesday 10-11-17

No homework except to study so you can finish the test next class period.


Monday 10-9-17

6th Grade FM Geometry IV Blank packet 

A #12 FM Geometry IV KEY 

Do not spend a long time struggling with the longer problems.  Look at the key for guidance.

Geometry TEST next class period 


Thursday 10-5-17

Circles Notes Circles Notes

A#11 Geometry #3 packet

Geometry packet 3 blank 

A #11 Geometry Packet 3 key

Tuesday 10-3-17

A #10 Geometry #2 worksheet must be done in your notebook with all the work. A #10 geometry 2 KEY , A #10 Geometry 2 Blank

Finding the area of composite figures notes  


Friday 9-29-17

Word Problem Quiz Taken Today

A#1b more practice with formulas Packet 1b KEY


Wednesday 9-27-17

Notes on Area of P,T,T: Notes on Area of PTT

A#9 Geometry Packet 1  A #9 6th FM Geometry I KEY

Quiz on Word Problems (next class) 


Monday 9-25-17

Word Problems Day 2 Notes 

A #8 Word Problems #2 Word Problems Day 2 blank 

Word Problems Day 2 KEY  


Wednesday 9-20-17

Word Problem Notes Notes on solving word problems

 A #7 Word problems #1 Word Problems #1 Blank 6th Grade FM word problems #1 KEY

Test Today on evaluating expressions


Monday 9-18-17

Review of order of operations

A#6 Order of operations #3 worksheet A #6 6th Grade FM worksheet #3 KEY

IXL extra practice was 6.O.6 and 6.O.9

*We spent time in class signing on, so everybody should know how to sign on.

Assessment on expressions on Wed.


Thursday 9-14-17

Notes on Evaluating Expressions Order of Operations Notes 

A# 5 Order of Operations 2 Worksheet

A #5 6th Grade FM Order Of Operations #2 BLANK 

A #5 6th Grade FM Order of Operations #2 KEY 

  Test Corrections:  Erase your old work and Re-do the work on your test paper.  You can earn half the points back on the corrections score for work shown that is correct.  Every assessment will show up twice in the grade book.  The first score will stay the same and the second score will reflect your corrections.  Every assessments should be signed by your parent.  You have until Friday of next week to turn in your corrections.


Tuesday 9-12-17

Notes on Complex Fractions Complex Fractions Notes 

A#4 Complex Fractions Worksheet A #4 Fast Math Complex Fractions KEY

 A #4 Fast Math Complex Fractions Blank 

Basic Skills Assessment Today


Friday 9/8/17 

Calculating Grades Notes Calculating Grades Notes

A #3 Calculating Grades packet Calculating Grades KEY

Test Tuesday (both packets) 

Calculating Grade Blank Copy 

Dividing Decimals video examples

Dividing Fractions video examples

Multiplying Decimals video examples

Multiplying Fractions video examples


Wednesday 9/6/17

STAR testing today

A#2 Finish the packet excluding the examples

Basic Skills Notes Day 2

A 2 pg. 6-10 KEY 

Thursday 8/31/17 (1st full block period)

A#1:  Basic Skills Packet pages 1-4

Basic Skills Packet Blank 

6th Grade FM A #1 KEY 

Basic skills Notes day 1 

STAR testing 9/6 


1/29/18: Read Chapter 18 of Fallen Angels.

11/14/17: Complete reading #3

10/30/17: Begin drafting your author’s preface to your Gothic stories. The preface will be completed at home.


10/17/17: Your one page Gothic character sketch is due this Friday, Oct. 20th. It should be typed, in Times New Roman 12pt font–single spaced. Email yourselves a copy to your school email address and bring a copy to class.   


10/13/17: Your two-paragraph Gothic setting is due on Monday. Be creative. Imagine what a person might see and feel while traveling through your setting.


10/11/17: Complete your two-paragraph journal assignment on the symbolism of the eye in “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

–Don’t forget: your two-paragraph Gothic setting is due on Monday…



9/11/17: Read Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” by Thursday. Be sure to mark up and annotate

9/6/17: Your journals with self reflection #1 are due.

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