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Essay Dances With Wolves Analysis Of Covariance

Dances With Wolves Analysis Essays

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Dances With Wolves Analysis

The movie "Dances With Wolves" was produced in 1990 and directed by Kevin Costner who starred as the main character.

"Dances with Wolves" tells us the story of a white man who gets acquainted with the Sioux, who learns to love and respect them as valuable people with a culture and who discovers how wrong white people's preconceived ideas about Native Americans are.

A sense of adventure and drama is the feeling "Dances with Wolves" gives us. With this movie, Costner made his debut as a film director. "Dances with Wolves" scored "a total of seven Oscars for best directing, best script, cutting, music and sound effects." (Sanders, Simon D.)

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On the other hand, The Indians gradually trust, love and respect Dunbar because of his honest and genuine nature. He falls in love with a white women who was raised by the Sioux after her whole family was killed by the Pawnee, another Indian tribe. Dunbar marries her, becomes a part of the tribe and settles down in their village. He lives a happy life with the Indians, but there is always something in the back of his mind, something that is always bothering him.

Dunbar knows that the arrival of American troops in the frontiers will only be a matter of time. Soon, he has to make the decision whether he wants to stick to his new friends or go back to his fellow soldiers and fight against the Indians. When Dunbar rides back to his post to get his journal, American soldiers are gathered around his post. They see him coming and shoot his horse. Since Dunbar is wearing a Sioux gown, the troops look at him as a trader and treat him brutally. When the soldiers are on their way to the next village to have Dunbar hanged, the Sioux attack, and rescue their friend, Dunbar. Back at the Indian camp, Dunbar and his wife decide to leave the Sioux. John Dunbar knows that he is a wanted man now.

His decision to leave the Sioux is based on protecting them from more trouble with the American troops.

The film's purpose is to shift the viewers sympathy towards the Sioux. The

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